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۞ This shaders is compatible with Iris?
  • Finally, Yes !

۞ I have the screen going dark randomly, as if it is flashing with an enchanted object in the hand, how to fix the problem?
  • This is caused by "Auto Exposure", if this is on Intense you may have the problem, to remedy it either you deactivate "Auto Exposure" or you pass it on Lite or you go here to adjust the enchantment options .​

  • Go to shader options > Other Cool Effects > Enchanted Glint Menu  Set Consistent Enchant to "On" (for adjust Glint intensity and play with Enchanted Glint Intensity to adjusts automatically the enchantment intensity according to the more or less dark area.

۞ I have a problem with lighting too bright or too violent how i fix this?
  • Go to shader options > Visual> Lighting> Blocks Lighting > Set Lighting to Scattered and play with Lighting Power to adjusts.

۞ My game is blurry when I move the camera, how can I fix the problem?
  • Depending on your problem, there may be several options, Motion Blur, Hyper Speed, DOF. 

۞ How do I put the option that allows me to have the neon effect on my selection?
  • Go to shader options > Other Cool Effects > Color Selector Block. Change to TECHNO or Custom RGB and choose your color with RGB sliders and intensity. Don't forget to activate Bloom for optimal effect.

۞ I don't like the Hands/Camera Movement how can i disable it?
  • Go to shader options > Hands > Hands & Cam Movements . Disable Hands Movements and/or Cam Movements. 

۞ I have the entities which are blurry when they move, how to fix that?
  • Go to shader options > Post Process > Anti-Aliasing. Modify or disable AA

۞ I have a problem with a Mod how can I fix it?
  • This shader is not compatible with all Mods, this one is designed only for a standard Vanilla Minecraft, there may be some incompatibilities, I suggest you the Complementary shader from EminGT based on BSL too, but with better compatibility with Mods.

۞ I have a problem with Lunar Client, my screen is very Bright when it rains, how to fix this?
  • Go to Settings of Lunar > Performance > and uncheck the FULL BRIGHT option.