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۞ I have the screen going dark randomly, as if it is flashing with an enchanted object in the hand, how to fix the problem?
  • This is caused by "Auto Exposure", if this is on Intense you may have the problem, to remedy it either you deactivate "Auto Exposure"  .​

۞ My game is blurry when I move the camera, how can I fix the problem?
  • Depending on your problem, there may be several options, Motion Blur, Hyper Speed, DOF. 

۞ How do I put the option that allows me to have the neon effect on my selection?
  • Go to shader options > Other Cool Effects > Color Selector Block. Change to TECHNO or Custom RGB and choose your color with RGB sliders and intensity. Don't forget to activate Bloom for optimal effect.

۞ I don't like the Hands/Camera Movement how can i disable it?
  • Go to shader options > Visual > Hands > Hands & Cam Movements . Disable Hands Movements and/or Cam Movements. 

۞ I have the entities which are blurry when they move, how to fix that?
  • Go to shader options > Post Process > Anti-Aliasing. Modify or disable AA

۞ I have a problem with a Mod how can I fix it?
  • This shader is not compatible with all Mods, this one is designed only for a standard Vanilla Minecraft, there may be some incompatibilities, I suggest you the Complementary shader from EminGT based on BSL too, but with better compatibility with Mods.

۞ I have a problem with Lunar Client, my screen is very Bright when it rains, how to fix this?
  • Go to Settings of Lunar > Performance > and uncheck the FULL BRIGHT option.

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