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Welcome to the AstraLex Shaders Website

Hello after some confusion with the base shader (BSL) I decided to change the name of it to AstraLex!

Shader based on last BSL Version (7.x / 8.x)


Have Added:

-Add Distance Blur (work with DOF at same time)
-Techno XP
-Add Fresnel Option
-Modify the Bloom
-Add DirtyIMG with 6 .png for Bloom Overlay
-Add Caustics (Credits EminGT)
-Change the default BSL Dirt.png
-Increase a bit lighting
-Add Rapid Clouds, and Dither in END dimension
-Disable LensFlare in water
-Add new Portal for Ender
-Add SHOW LIGHT LEVELS (for see the dark area)
-Add Option for opacity for SHOW LIGHT LEVEL
-COLORED_EYES for color Spider, Enderman, Dragon Eyes
-Increase Stars luminosity
-Add many levels for MotionBlur
-Removing drag on the hands with the MotionBlur
-Cinema mod with distortion of optional tapes
-2 grains film style with settings ( do not choose both at the same time)
-Berserk mod with setting (just red vignette or red vignette + red hand) with a weapon equipped
-Possibility to choose 6 color for bloc selection
-Rainbow with settings (I used the idea of Builderb0y)
-2x Raindrop on the screen
-Chromatic abberation
-New rain
-Water blur with blur adjustment
-Hand movement (2 options)
-Movement Camera
-Mod Flash Victim for see Mobs in dark
-Water refraction
-Cel-Shading with settings
-Add Cel Strenght
-Add Heat Haze for Nether !!
-Add Heat Haze Refraction slide for adjust strenght
-Fix Thunderbolt with shader!
-Add DISTANT_FADE Spherical or Cylindrical effect
-Ultra Vignette with settings
-Possibility to remove blocking texture from blocks
-AIM for the bow, snowball, trident ...etc
-LensFlare (2 Modes, Normal and Double Rainbows)
-Add BLUR_QUALITY in Dof menu for choose 60 or 119 Offsets
-Delete BSL vignette (replace by Ultra Vignette on Lex Menu)
-Modify dither bayer for DiSTANCE_FADE
-Add Quality Offsets for Shadows (OFF/NORMAL/HIGH_QUALITY/EXTREME)
-BOTW tonemap only for OVERWORLD
-Add CRT/Scanline Mod
-Add CRT Border Credit to Seishin
-Add New Movement for Hand with possibility of using the 2 movements options at the same time for a better effect
-Add HDR
-Added AMBIANT for tint a bit the world with Worldtime


-Add MAGICAL_GLINT for enchanted stuff

-Add MODE_RAGE Effect on Swords

-and many more...

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