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AstraLex V93.0

CurseForge Link:

Modrinth Link:

Latest changes

# Version 93.0

- Fixed underwater caustics not appearing at a certain depth.
- Improved a bit dithering on SSS.
- Improved sky color.
- Decreased Rain Fog.
- Increased a bit Day Light Intensity.
- Decreased Day Ambience Intensity.
- Fixed shootingStars appears when it rain.
- Fixed Black Hole disappearing when underwater in Ender.
- Fixed Compatibility for certain hardware on Iris.
- Added option to Disable Flash Entities effect on players.

DirtIMG Replacements


#What's the point?

-DirtIMG Replacement is used to change the dirty screen overlay that you see when the bloom is activated and you are looking at a light source. like the picture below.

#How to use

1- Download the DirtIMG Pack and unzip

2- Open your Zip Shader

3- Drag and Drop DirtyIMG folder on your desktop

4- Select the image you want in DirtyIMG and copy it into the shader zip at this location: shaders/tex/*

5- Remplace and close and save the Zip and reload shader with F3+R.

6- Enjoy

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